Yet Another Cold Activity Contest (YACAC), March 18, 2018, OE8FNK and OE8WOZ

Again very cold and a bit of rain in March 2018 activity contest. At least there was no snow to walk on.  Lots of contacts were made again, with a maximum distance of 56km, on “all” bands, which is from 144Mhz up to 24Ghz.

IMG_1155The 9cm and 6cm station from OE8WOZ is seen here: He uses DB6NT transverters with the FT817, the antenna used is only a vivaldi (low gain) antenna, just because it is faster to set up under the very cold winterly conditions.


The “El Cuatro” 4-Band and 5-Band FM QRP Microwave Transceiver now used in activity contest, by OE8FNK, Nov. 2016

A new 4-band FM microwave transceiver was developed and build, featuring a new idea to simplify the switching between RX and TX:  During RX the “El Cuatro” works like a downconverter, on transmitting the TX frequency is created on the TX frequency, without conversion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe MAX2871 chip made the creation of one “transceiver” so easy, that 7 devices where build by November 2016. Many other OMs from Villach and around Villach joined the activity contest, and surprise, surprise, it was possible to make contacts (over line-of-sight) on the 23cm, 13cm , 9cm, 6cm and 3cm bands.  A big “THANK YOU” to all participants and contributors.

Best location for UHF/SHF contest in Austria: the Gaisberg mountain. October 2003.

Still the most successful contest in terms of score. The Gaisberg mountain in Salzburg, Austria is one of the best places to be during UHF/SHF contest. Was lucky that I got “permission” to be active from there, although usually another contest team is operating there.

Equipment used: 70cm: 2x21el, 130W,  23cm: 4x16el, 80W,  13cm: 1.2m dish with 25W.

Just after setting up the antennas, it continued to rain for 24h hours, and the strong winds had another idea, where to turn my antennas to. Anyway it worked: a total of 118 QSOs and with this score I skipped one place to reach the 3rd place (and a medal) in the Austria UHF championship for 2003.

Heavy Snow during Contest, March 1999

Driving up with snow chains to 1900m in March to be active during the subregional contest. Still managed to set up 2x9el yagi for 70cm and just one  24el yagi for 23cm. Made 36 QSOs before returning home after some 6 hours of activity.

IARU UHF/SHF Contest Oct. 1998

One of the top locations in south Austria, very close to the top of Goldeck mountain, at 2110m a.s.l.  Weather turned bad during the evening and I had to drive down after  just 5 hours of contest.

Equipment used:  70cm: 2x21el yagi and 130W, 23cm: 2x16el and 80W, 13cm:  24el yagi and 25W.

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